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“Money is the anthem of success, so before we go out, what’s your address?…”


Money is the anthem of success, so before we go out, what’s your address?…”

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hot topic has some cool stuff but its embarrassing just walking in that store tbh

thank you so much for putting this into words 

Walk into hot topic like yo wuddup im not a scene kid

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if i was a ghost i would do useful things like let the cat out or take flamable things off the stove and sing to small children when they can’t sleep and terrify the fuck out of assholes hell yeah bitches. what was that? did I hear you make a derogatory remark about women? bam, your lamp is now on the floor what cha going to do punk? are you abusing that child? wambo, your walls are now bleeding motherfucker

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what you said:I like metal music
what they heard:sometimes at midnight Satan my dark lord and I go to his basement and have jam sessions which then turn into orgies with Hitler and Mussolini
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I’m having a candlelight dinner with myself ….ok well its oatmeal but its just as romantic

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once when I was on my period I dropped a bowl of cheese balls on the floor and sat down and cried for an hour if that doesn’t explain periods then idk what does

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hahahahaha wow letting the drummer sing was rly a great decision fall out boy hahaha great job guy s [stares hopefully at panic! at the disco]

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